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COVID-19 Vaccinations – as of the 19th February 2021

The latest vaccination information can be found clicking here.


Finding your NHS number

You can still book an appointment if you don’t have your NHS number, provided you are registered with a GP practice. However, it will be quicker if you have your number: this will be on any letter or document you have received from the NHS, including prescriptions, or you can find it online at

Registering with a GP You can find a GP practice on the website. You will need to fill in a form to register – for some practices you can do this on their website so check there first. Alternatively, you can download a GMS1 registration form on GOV.UK or arrange a time to pick up a registration form from the GP surgery. If you have problems registering with a GP practice, call the NHS England Customer Contact Centre on 0300 311 22 33.


Bookings: Frequently Asked Questions

 Can I just go to a vaccination centre without an appointment?

Sometimes Covid Vaccination Centres offer a walk in service.  These will be advertised locally.  We would still encourage you to book an appointment.


What if I don’t live close to one of the large Vaccination Centres?

The National Booking Service also handles booking for pharmacy-led vaccination services across West Yorkshire. Only a small number of people don’t live within travelling distance of at least one of these services. Alternatively, you can also choose to wait to be contacted by your local GP services. If they haven’t been in contact already, this will be soon.


Why haven’t I been contacted about a vaccination?

If you haven’t been contacted, this could be for a number of reasons, but is most likely to be because you are not registered with a GP or have recently moved, and we therefore don’t have your correct contact details.

If you have never registered with a GP or haven’t been to a GP for a number of years, we would recommend speaking with your local practice about registering. As well as getting access to Covid-19 vaccines, being registered with a GP also means you are invited to important health checks such as for cancer or heart disease, and can access care easier when you need it.

More information on registering with a GP is available at


How do I get an NHS number?

You may already have an NHS number but just don’t know it. If you don’t know your NHS number, you can find out if you have one and what it is at:

If you don’t have an NHS number this is likely to be because you are not registered with a GP. If this is the case, we would recommend speaking with your local practice about registering.


What if I book an appointment through the NHS website or 119 and I need to rearrange it?

If you need to rearrange an appointment that you booked through the NHS website, you can do this through the ‘manage your appointments’ section on the booking page. If you booked through 119, you can also ring to rearrange your appointment.

If you can’t attend your appointment for any reason, please cancel or rearrange it so that the appointment slot can be given to someone else who needs it.


Can I still book if I previously had an appointment but didn’t attend or cancel it?

Yes. Only those who have had a vaccination recorded are marked on our system and are therefore unable to book again.


A letter came to my home but it was for someone else. Can I still use it to book an appointment?

No.  If you receive a letter for someone who does not live at your address anymore, please return to sender in the usual way so that our records can be updated.


Change we have made to protect you:

  • Appointments will be booked by the doctor/nurse after they have spoken to you on the telephone.
  • The front door is now open.  We would encourage you to wear a facemask.
  • If you have any signs of Coronavirus or have been in direct contact with another person who has symptoms – such as fever/ high temperature/ cough / flu like symptoms please ring the surgery on 01924 384498, option 1 to inform the doctor.

Face mask policy

Patients and Staff are asked to wear a face mask or something that covers the mouth and nose, such as a scarf on entering the building.

If you find wearing a face coverings difficult, please discuss with the doctor/nurse when booking your appointment.

Staff will be wearing a facemask. This is for your safety as well as theirs.

Further advice about wearing face coverings in enclosed spaces can be found here

We understand how stressful and worrying this pandemic may appear.  We are here to help you.

We confirm we are open for business.  Staff will still be working in the building if they are virus free.

Please phone 01924 384498 option 1 to discuss your health concerns.

Please phone 119 if you feel you have Coronavirus and they will advise you on the best way to receive help and support.

Sick Notes

Put your request in writing and drop into the letterbox or you can register at and request a sick note online.